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Who we are
B & H instruments have been used all over the world for surgery and diagnosis for 130 years now. B & H set out to gain the trust of physicians in all specialist areas right from the initial years after the company was founded and achieved this by manufacturing high quality instruments.
Highly qualified surgical and precision engineers at 3 production plants in Germany now manufacture surgical instruments for various different applications using precision craftsmanship and ultramodern machines.
For us, “Made in Germany” is not just a hallmark to adorn our instruments, but a living production philosophy. We work in close collaboration with regional partners at all production plants in order to be able to react as rapidly as possible at all times. We consider it indispensable for manufacture of high quality surgical instruments to control all production stages ourselves at all times and this is also why we do not offer any “refined” products from outside manufacturers.
Our QM system is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 13485:2003; in addition, we are also registered with the FDA FDA Establishment Registration No. 9610621 and FDA Owner Operator No. 8010149


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